Monday, August 9, 2010

Q&A: Abe and Rich

A short interview between Abe Lincoln and Richard

Lincoln: Good morning Richard. I realize it is later there, but wanted to catch you while it was early.

Watson: Now that's an oxymoronic thing to say.

Lincoln: Really? We don't use that word much in the eighteen hundreds. But speaking of mysteries, I wanted to ask you how you decide what to write or paint about.

Watson: Good question, Mr. President. Sometimes I am compelled to write by inner tubing down the stream of consciousness. You know picking blackberries along the edge of the stream, and seeing what comes along.

Lincoln: Do you use the same method for your illustrations?

Watson: Why yes, I do. Although often I have a specific goal or text that I am exploring. I want to create a "sub-text" to the text. In other words, I tell a visual narrative that holds hands with the written text.

Lincoln: A marriage of text and art?

Watson: Totally. At least that's the goal. N.C. Wyeth said that he liked to "paint between the lines". He was so brilliant as an illustrator. And his son and grandson as well.

Lincoln: I am impressed with all three of them as artists and visionaries.

Watson: Weren't they after your time?

Lincoln: Time is relative, is it not?

Watson: True. Did you know Albert Einstein?

Lincoln: Could I steer us back to the creative process? How is it that we are even talking?

Watson: This is me warming up on my Q&A page. I'll post real interviews when I get time. By the way you are my hero.

Lincoln: Thanks. If I don't see you in the future, I'll see you in the pasture.

Watson: Bring your inner tube.

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